As much as I hate temperatures above 25Β°C, I will say that if it’s 27Β° inside, the bread dough rises nicely without assistance :-)

@dadegroot I've had so much fail attempting to make bread I'm not sure I want to do it again without insane temperature and humidity control for all stages.

@LovesTha the fruit loaf I make weekly seems to work well enough. But yeah, it is very much food science not a craft if you want consistently good results.

@LovesTha i think this is it. Cant tell from the tiny thumbnail in the image selector on the phone app


@LovesTha Yeah now that I'm on the big computer, that's it. I modify the fruit and spice mixes, but the base recipe is the same.

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@dadegroot Only reason to stick to the recipe is to figure out the right moisture level then just match that every time right?

@LovesTha Yep. It's also an American recipe, so you need to decrease the moisture levels a little as their flour is different.

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