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David de Groot | 🐢 @dadegroot

There's a little movement in the head, but I had only a sec or two to get the shot in poor light.

This is an Antechinus. It is a tiny marsupial with the peculiar habit that after mating, the successful males die (it's quite the frenzy apparently). Or to put it another way, they go out with a bang.


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@dadegroot And how are my preferred photographer marsupial today? Good pics?

@curioushat Quite so thank you. I'll dig some more photos up from my archive shortly (have to go dry the dishes).

@dadegroot We all have to cope with dishes. Last WE I've tried to eat ethiopian: hand wash and boom. Modern Sapiens are far too much sophisticated and voilà: dishes. But don't be in trouble, I do the same.

@curioushat Having problems with image uploading to mastodon.social, so here's a post I made on another instance: bne.social/@david/348646