New [PlayRaw] The Rail Bridge, North Queensferry from Brian Innes

Come show us how you'd process this raw file! Thank you Brian Innes for sharing this wonderful shot.


So I processed this with my weapon of choice - Adobe Lightroom.

I then attempted to process in DarkTable, but alas, it had this pink overlay of some sort and I couldn't work out how to get rid of it. Darnit.

@dadegroot nice result!

What version of dt were you using? I see on the thread there's quite a few other dt users that didn't have any pink overlays (that they mentioned anyway).

@patdavid 1.4.2 by the looks of it (on OSX High Sierra - 10.13.2, on a 2017 5k iMac).

@dadegroot Holy old version batman! Try it in a new version ( they're up to 2.2.5 stable release for macOS!

@patdavid Success! Yes, it turned out to be the version of

Came out ok, given I don't know my way around the product. If I spent more time on it, I could probably get the same result as Lightroom.


@patdavid And since I'm doing all this testing of alternative software, why not a Raw Therapee version as well.

Although, I can't seem to find the spot removal tool (note, not googling for any of this testing, just seeing how intuitive the interfaces are).

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