#editbacklog Usually I like my smartphone images, but this one that is in that small "I wish I had a semi professional camera to shoot this" pile. So much noise to mitigate... even with stacking.


Very faint aurora borealis on top of Orion constellation, also featuring the pleiades. You can actually kind of see the nebula at the belt.

A stack of 3 images. #Iceland. 2017

Edited using #Darktable -> #Hugin -> #imageMagick -> #Darktable -> #Darktable again. Distro of choice is #UbuntuStudio as usual.


#artwithopensource #linuxartists #mastoart #creativetoots #photography #photo #astrophotography


@eylul I'm still pretty impressed with what you manage to capture with a smartphone.

@dadegroot Thanks! newer smartphone cameras tend to have quite amazing low light capabilities... but yeah aurora... is pushing it a little bit to the edge of what they can do: both being (relatively) faint and moving fast.

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