Introduced the concept of a PLN to my new A Level class this morning. I presented it as something that you don't have a choice about. Everybody has one. Be it your parents, teachers and classmates, the Internet at large, social media services. It simply exists. The question is are you aware of it and can you influence or build it to serve your purposes? And how might you do that? Mastodon? Twitter? Newspapers? Journals? Will be interesting to see how they respond

@daibarnes I've been thinking not only about the people who teach us, but the things... We talk about being "self-taught" but really something (animate or inanimate) has done the teaching...

@tdorey true. There's always something behind the learning. The tech, I suppose, simply provides many more methods for us to access this in a convenient or preferred way. But can a thing teach? As I walked I sat by a tree and engaged my senses to learn as much as I could. Did the tree teach me?

@daibarnes MYes, at least that is my new working theory. We learn from the trees, flowers and acorns if we take the time to notice their teachings.

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