Out running this morning and my feet were sore as trampled kittens from the gnarly roads. A moment of pleasure struck when a yellow butterfly started flying alond side me. It kept pace with me for about 100m. The moral of this tale is that I run as quickly as a butterfly flies.

Identity theft on an international scale... The world is in ruins... Standards have slipped... What is there left to grab onto? @epilepticrabbit @dajbelshaw

Google Suite for Ed is turning on alerts for suspected government based attacks into your installation by default. How bizarre. What is it? When one of your users is possibly being targetted by hackers with some government at the driving seat.

I've come up with a solution to store long articles I'd like to finish but don't have the time in the moment. I quickly add them to the home screen of my phone. This works because they're right there in a location I see many times a day. I don't have to remember to go back to them or check a place I've saved them to. Lazy? Possibly. But this feels better than any other solution I've tried.

A new pupil asked me why I wear a toe ring. I have absolutely no idea

Quite enjoying sitting on a train with Google maps on thinking I'm in a car. Keeps freaking out. mastodon.social/media/2QwT1mhQ

London's £10 T-charge comes into effect in fight against toxic car fumes

"London's £10 T-charge comes into effect in fight against toxic car fumes"
theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/o mastodon.social/media/YWwB7iXw one of the first steps to people not being allowed to drive cars? Probably specific roads will emerge that humans are not allowed to drive on.

"Why Evie Launcher is now my favorite Android screen launcher"
google.co.uk/amp/www.techrepub mastodon.social/media/rSKqnk4R I've stumbled upon the Evie launcher for Android. Now switched to it full time. And not because it shares it's name with my daughter.

The BBC are to remove qualifications from the CVs of those applying for employment
. Whilst I sympathise with the intention this is hard to reconcile as a school teacher encouraging young people to study with discipline and do their best. What is the point in attaining a degree. mastodon.social/media/uTj2iSSM

mastodon.social/media/xwnZR4I5 Many people annoyed that Apple's new multi-user mobile device is only suitable for identical twins

Last lesson with an exam class - playing revision games on quizizz - they chose names inc my name and a TV prog or movie title - some inventive stuff... mastodon.social/media/EOwRIz4E


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