There's a lot that's nice here. It's short, it gets to the point and addresses a lot of concerns.

One that that stood out was about enforcement. It says operators *must* remain confidential about reporters.This is a good default stance but it also precludes the possibility of restorative justice or any other reconsiliation process.

Those may not always be applicable but should be be possible and encouraged when both sides are open to the process.

@emacsen @moodlenet

Good point! Do you think adding that individuals involved can opt-out of anonymity would help? Otherwise how would you word it? Keeping in mind that this is designed to be enforced in a decentralised/federated way (starting with community/group moderators, then instance administrators, and finally Moodle HQ being able to cut instance off of the "mothership").

@mayel @emacsen @moodlenet just now hearing of federated Moodle. Seems coo. Are you working on it, Mayel?

@datatitian @moodlenet @emacsen

Yeah, though it's not actually federating the Moodle LMS but rather creating a new education-focused social network (which will also be accessible from within Moodle).

@mayel @moodlenet @emacsen ahhh that makes sense. Congrats on getting such a cool contract! Will it connect with the fediverse in general?

@datatitian @moodlenet @emacsen

No, Martin (Moodle's founder) has wanted this for a long time, and @dajbelshaw (project lead) thought federation with ActivityPub would be a good fit.
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