@dajbelshaw It does. The one knock against it is that it's old-style LAMP using PHP. This means that it is difficult to maintain and may become more difficult over time.

@Downes Ah, I see. So something like Cloudron instead? (Brian Lamb and Grant Potter are here and we're talking about that and Sandstorm)

@dajbelshaw @Downes I've been using Sandstorm for a couple years. It's a very handy tool. Super stable and is my Swiss Army Knife for quick disposable collaborative web apps. Unfortuantly, Sandstorm isn't in active development these days

@clintlalonde @dajbelshaw No DB in CloudRon. So that would be an extra expense. (I assume there's one behind the scenes for WP and others, but I don't see it surfaced as an 'app'). (Of course my use case might be pretty unique)

@Downes @dajbelshaw Good question. You could run a LAMP stack within Cloudronm which would give you MySQL. But yeah, a DB option isn't obvious in options, but has to be there somewhere for the other apps to run.

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