Sacha Baron Cohen's ADL speech

In which I provide:

- an audio version
- reflections on what is a brilliant (and yet reasonably conservative and technically-naive) speech
- three alternative ways we could save democracies from Big Tech

As Morozov pointed out in this video ( ) "the internet" at today is a naive way to call a technical/economical and political apparatus shaped and developed from and for US agenda, as infact we tend to consider Chinese internet as something parallel or different from "our real" internet.
In this regard i do not tend to consider government intervention conservative as u said, but as part of the decentralization process we must commit to.

@bernini Oh, interesting, and thanks for the link! By conservative read 'neoliberal' I guess. Will watch the video 👍

@dajbelshaw yeah, these are good comments. One of the key points I'm going to make in Brazil this week is that AI can't and won't be any more ethical than *we* are. So we have to attend to how we develop an ethical society - not just teaching rules and principles, but modeling and practising ethical behaviour across society.

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