@dajbelshaw Quick questions: Does Moodlenet support tags for resources added to a site with the ability to generate an atom / RSS feed for specific tags?

@mackiwg Not for the first release, but we're aligning the tags with the ones that the OER World Map uses.

Haven't got a firm answer on RSS but can't see why not.

@dajbelshaw Thanks - I'm looking for a FOSS candidate to replace Bookmarks (bookmarks.oeru.org/ ) - old school social bookmarking app powered by Semantic Scuttle. Federation would be cool. Tagged based RSS feeds would enable resource links shared to be harvested for our #OERu course feeds. Would it be worth finding a time for a web call to get a sense of your roadmap?

@mackiwg Sure, and here's the very broad-brushstroke overview of the next few milestones: bit.ly/MN-milestones-Q3-2020

I'll have a chat with our Tech lead to see how much work adding RSS feeds to collections would be 🙃

@dajbelshaw An RSS / Atom feed for a collection would be great. The ability to have a tag field when posting a resource to a collection would be great, plus the ability to have RSS feed for collection items per tag would be very useful. I'll take a closer look at your roadmap. Thanks for sharing.

@mackiwg This is a milestone overview, I need to re-jig the more detailed roadmap before sharing!

Tags are definitely coming in the next few months :)

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