@dajbelshaw @davidoclubb it works if you reply to an existing MoodleNet post

We could make it so it starts a new thread if a fedi user @ mentions a community/collection but I'm worried about spam

@karen @davidoclubb Yeah, I realised we need a whole conversation about what we could/should do after I tried to explain to my wife the difference between following users across MoodleNet vs. the wider Fediverse 🤯

@karen @davidoclubb You can follow my MoodleNet account on the staging server here: @dajbelshaw

(replies to any toots here will show up in MoodleNet discussions within the relevant community)

@dajbelshaw Is it possible to follow from either friendica or Mastodon?

@zleap So the example above is a community in MoodleNet. I think we should probably push out everything added to every collection within it via ActivityPub.

Right now, you can follow individuals in MoodleNet and see when they post to discussions.

Understandably, we're ensuring MoodleNet UI works well and federates with other MoodleNet instances, it's just that @karen is very efficient and has things working with other AP-enabled social networks too!

@dajbelshaw @karen Cool thanks I figured out how to follow from zleap@qoto.org mastodon instance, Not sure if any of my series on writing tkinter apps is useful but happy for those to be part of your resources.
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