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I've taken this as Product Manager from zero to one, and leave Moodle on Friday.

The team is calling this v1.0 beta and proud of what we've achieved. Unfortunately the management seem to think it's "alpha quality". You decide...

@dajbelshaw in all these years I still haven't figured out how to bridge that functionality vs perceived quality/polish divide on early iterative things. Usually have tried some version of xp engaged/available customer on team, but communicating to less involved is always a gap - it seems to be unstated context either way, and bringing some closer to the dev context doesn't carry through. Compare to familiar attachment to quirks and roughness of a 5+yo app.

Nice work to you and the team!

Can't wait to try it. Congrats and well done on the achievement! How come you're leaving Moodle?

@syntax Well there's some internal stuff it would be unprofessional to share, but you can read between the lines:

(the latter was taken down an hour after I posted it on the project blog, hence the archive link)

@dajbelshaw if this were true, this is for me. When I saw your post, I thought instantly "this is for me". Thank you so much for sharing.

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