My son's getting into Blender (, Other than just looking on YouTube, are there any tutorials or courses which are worth checking out?

He's 13 years old, if that makes a difference 😀

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@dajbelshaw love blender! Hope to see his work.

YouTube has been my best resource so far, but all I’m doing with it is 3-D printing miniatures so I don’t need much.

I’d love to hear what resources you find! And tell him to not give up. This is a difficult program to learn and he will get it and improve with each use.

@KARiley40 Thanks! The speed of our general-purpose family PC is holding him back, so may involve a hardware investment! 😂

@dajbelshaw yes! Omg, I did a minor upgrade for this exact reason. Other wise, you have to keep the polygon count low by using the decimate tool a lot. Which isn’t a bad thing to do while you figure out things and then go for detail later. I’m sure there are other tricks, but that one keeps me sane.

@dajbelshaw you may want to checkout blender's instance for local videos and tutorials like this one for beginners

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