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I usually wake up at the same time every day, even at the weekend (06:30, never snooze my alarm). I get up and do exercise, as hard as I can.

Today, I had a lie-in until 09:30 and now I'm going to *intentionally* go for a very slow run. More painfully, people I know are going to see me do this.

I know for some people what I'm sharing here isn't exactly revolutionary, but for me it is.

@dajbelshaw I've found that I have to do this. Yesterday, for example, I stayed at home, littered on a hobby project, watched a baseball game. No work, no exercise. It was a vacation from my vacation. Without days like this I overwork, and that leads to too much stress.

@Downes It's weird, because I guess lots of people have the opposite problem. I have no conception of *real* procrastination. Just sit down and crank. Every. Day.

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