@dajbelshaw very well said.

Without a solid grounding in how to read critically, it is all too easy to be swept up by the predominating narrative and buy what is being sold without testing the product.

@rw It's easy to forget that some people's last experience of the criticality afforded by Humanities subjects was when they were ~14 years old. And even then, they may have been taught badly / not been paying much attention.

@dajbelshaw the question of how to fund good jounralism comes up time and time again.

(physical) Newspapers used to funded by adverts. And these adverts weren't at all invasive. Now, some publications don't like having these style ads on their sites. Enter companies like EthicalAds.io providing newspaper style adverts online. If I didn't have a paywal but I had these ads I'd be vert happy, though sadly I doubt this will ever happen:


@freddy Hadn't seen that - thanks! I'd like to see a world where advertising isn't necessary to fund *anything*.

In that world, it would be possible (without adblockers and the like) to go through life without seeing any advertising.

@dajbelshaw "Pernicious", what an incredible word. Haven't seen that used in a very long time.

I agree though. The misinformation spread across social media is incredibly destructive.

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