This was Great Langdale in the Lake District, England. Our planned route is in red and you can see the path we ended up having to take back to the camp site sue to my son's minor ankle injury.

(he's fine today)

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Well that was pretty spectacular! 🏕️

It's amazing how much a couple of nights camping in a place with no mobile phone signal can perform a mental reset.

Didn't walk as far as we'd planned as my son went over on his ankle and had to use both walking poles to make his way back down.

Still did 30,000+ steps yesterday, though, and had a great time!

(I need to lose weight, that was harder work than this time last year...)

Just prior to lockdown I successfully completed Mountain Leader training course and was ready to get the requisite number of days in before taking my ML assessment. Looking forward to getting back out there!

Now I'm back to consulting full-time through We Are Open Co-op I thought I'd re-open my Wednesday slots:

Note that I have limited availability until September, but keen to meet new and old friends to see how we can help one another!

At some point in the last few weeks, my doctoral thesis was accessed for the 900,000th time.

Open access and open licensing (in this case literally CC0) works.

It's really interesting seeing the email addresses of those signing up to our co-ops new, free email-based course 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Virtual Meetings'

Universities, corporates, non-profits, even football clubs(!)

New on 💥 Thought Shrapnel:

The highest ambition of the integrated spectacle is to turn secret agents into revolutionaries and revolutionaries into secret agents

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