Given the recent debacle, it looks like we'll be taking off

Blog post soon, but we can't and won't support this kind of behaviour.

So I spent a good chunk of this afternoon thinking about (and wireframing) uploads to . The team still needs to think about the workflow for resources that weren't created by the user, but...

@Gargron Saw your mention of Mastodon use by educational institutions:

We're building (AGPL) based on ActivityPub for educators to curate collections of openly-licensed resources. We should find ways to collaborate 🙂

For those following the project, we've now got a (massively overdue) Fediverse account!

Please follow @moodlenet 😀

There's a new website for which now features a page for !

Note that the team don't have much of a say over the .com site, but *do* control (which this new site links to)

people, please boost this socialhub post as we've got something we'd like to figure out about and resource-sharing between federated instances:

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