Presented on to an EDEN Open Education week webinar today.

Predictably, Adobe Connect was absolutely terrible and mangled my slides. Thankfully, I suspected it would, so pre-recorded a version to share more widely 😉

One of the great things about being a member of a team where everyone works part-time is that you get to find out about the awesome work colleagues are doing in other projects.

For example, as well as , @bernini is working on the REFLOW project around economic networks. Check out this post:

Er, can't upload the gifs I just made because Mastodon rando error. Great.

Given the recent debacle, it looks like we'll be taking off

Blog post soon, but we can't and won't support this kind of behaviour.

So I spent a good chunk of this afternoon thinking about (and wireframing) uploads to . The team still needs to think about the workflow for resources that weren't created by the user, but...

@Gargron Saw your mention of Mastodon use by educational institutions:

We're building (AGPL) based on ActivityPub for educators to curate collections of openly-licensed resources. We should find ways to collaborate 🙂

For those following the project, we've now got a (massively overdue) Fediverse account!

Please follow @moodlenet 😀

There's a new website for which now features a page for !

Note that the team don't have much of a say over the .com site, but *do* control (which this new site links to)

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