It's free and openly-licensed. Only available in electronic format. The cover artwork is amazing.

I don't agree with absolutely everything in it so far, but in terms of books that challenge your thinking and point out the water you're swimming in, it's fantastic.

Discovered via @sean (thanks!)

There's some weird takes on feminists in the footnotes that I'm ignoring for now.

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@sl007 That should read (i.e. @moodlenet)

I just hope that they continue with the federation support since I resigned and the entire team quit...

About a quarter of my way through this and it's already one of my favourite books of this year, if not the decade.

(in the genre of 'Society of the Spectable' by Guy Debord)

How the rest of us sleep
Data suggests sleep during the pandemic has changed. People are typically on average waking up a little bit later. Perfectly suiting the owls over the larks for once

Looks like macOS-only during the beta (so no good for me) but this looks exactly the kind of thing we need for the future of video conferencing:

@philbarker It was glorious, just a shame we didn't get to do the whole thing! The National Trust campsite in the valley is pretty great, too.

@cstanhope Yeah, I'm trying to figure out whether I really 'rely' on my phone, or whether it's habituation.

@cstanhope Thank you! I guess I'm just curious as to why the most popular projects aren't surfaced.

I guess it's to provide a level playing field, but actually it's difficult to separate the good from the abandoned.

@jamie I remember being in a session at the Mozilla Festival in 2012 and there were some people planning to set up a guaranteed mobile phone signal-free zone somewhere in a French valley.

I wonder if they actually got around to doing it...

F-Droid has a real issue with discovery. I know there are other interfaces to it (G-Droid, etc.) but that's the one people get pointed to.

What's your favourite app from F-Droid, would you say?

"GamerOS uses frzr to deploy pre-built system images via a btrfs filesystem. These are downloaded when the system boots but don’t interfere with the currently running system. The next time you boot, the new image is fired up and the old is deleted seamlessly"

OK, you have my attention

@jamie It was incredible just being completely out of mobile phone signal for 80% of the time 👍

This was Great Langdale in the Lake District, England. Our planned route is in red and you can see the path we ended up having to take back to the camp site sue to my son's minor ankle injury.

(he's fine today)

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Well that was pretty spectacular! 🏕️

It's amazing how much a couple of nights camping in a place with no mobile phone signal can perform a mental reset.

Didn't walk as far as we'd planned as my son went over on his ankle and had to use both walking poles to make his way back down.

Still did 30,000+ steps yesterday, though, and had a great time!

(I need to lose weight, that was harder work than this time last year...)

@mrkrndvs Yes, a lot of my office setup is about knowing I'm likely to be in here for the foreseeable (and I've been in there since 2014!)

Always looking to improve it, and we're always considering moving, but I'm not going back to working in an office, ever.

🏕️ Off camping for a couple of nights so I can walk in the mountains and get some headspace.

Just prior to lockdown I successfully completed Mountain Leader training course and was ready to get the requisite number of days in before taking my ML assessment. Looking forward to getting back out there!

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