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The microcast I released today for Thought Shrapnel featured some audio from Chris Dixon, which I found particularly interesting:

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Back in November last year, I was interviewed for the Digital2Learn podcast, talking about a bunch of stuff, including

- Digital Literacies
- Open Educational Resources
- Digital credentials
- @moodlenet

I must have gone on a bit, as they've released it as two separate episodes!

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The thing I'm most excited about is that the video from my talk on 'Truth, Lies, and Digital Fluency' in NYC last month is now available:

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Alright, people INCOMING: a lot of stuff I've either published today or has been released that I recorded last year.

Here goes... 👇

New on 💥 Thought Shrapnel:

Microcast #084 – Chris Dixon on RSS, crypto, and community ownership of the internet

HUGE high-fives to Citizen Lab for making security so accessible:

(you can quibble with some of the recommendations, but this is a great resource to point people towards)

In Kuwait City today, delivering a workshop for the AMICAL consortium of American international liberal arts institutions

current brand synergy levels are 39%

(39%) ■■■□□□□□□□

Can we dispense with the idea that capitalism drives innovation? Especially in things like for-profit healthcare and the like, but really across the board.

You know what drives innovation? Not profit motive, but sharing information and techniques. Capitalism promotes trade secrets and preventing other people from using and building on your work. It's geared toward a kind of innovation, the kind that maximizes profits. But for everything else, sharing is far and away more effective.

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