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It's been interesting to see the increae in the number of new Mastodon accounts since the start of the pandemic:

Just need to 100x my Patreon and then I can rage quit my job and be a full-time writer/curator 😅

New on 💥 Thought Shrapnel:

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony

Pop!_OS 20.04 is glorious

(I mean I had to run dpkg in safe mode after upgrading but then my laptop evidently went to sleep half-way through the process...)

Wow huge update to Matrix/Riot including end-to-end encryption by default. If you're looking for a team collaboration/chat tool, do take a look. There's a nice Jitsi integration for video calls too.

Congrats to everyone involved 👏

ActivityPub can be confusing and/or hard to test or develop against.

I started a new side project called FediDB to help Pixelfed and other implementations debug federation issues.

It will be launching soon, need to test DMs and Federated Stories in Pixelfed 😅

I'm eager to work with other projects on this!

@dajbelshaw @mrklein here's another great resource that has links to many opensource and free icons
this one specifically is great

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