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We just moved our website over to Codeberg to support their free, open source, and privacy-respecting alternative to Github! Check out the site now at: dallasprivacyinitiative.codebe

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Starting a new series: of the day! These will be simple pieces of advice for anyone to increase their security and/or data privacy. Might not be fancy and some might seem obvious, but they also might just help someone out there!

The NYPD has a formerly secret surveillance slush fund which was uncovered by community groups, including @STOPspying, a member of the Electronic Frontier Alliance.

New blog post up! Phone Privacy I - A very basic introduction to staying private with the location trackers in our pockets.


⏰ Time to update: Tor Browser 10.5.4 is now available for Windows, macOS, Linux. Tor Browser 10.5.4 updates Firefox to 78.13.0esr and includes important security updates to Firefox.

We’ve signed the letter! Join us to protest Apple’s announcement to implement content scanning:

Firefox has lost another 50 million users. To what browser they switch? Well, regardless if you think Firefox is a good application or not, this news are bad for the web browser ecosystem where Chrome (Google) is getting more a more power.


BookWyrm is a Fediverse alternative to GoodReads.

They've just opened their onboarding site at:

("Onboarding" is when you make it as easy as possible for people to join something.)

BookWyrm and its instances are currently still in beta testing, but you can join now if you want to try it out. Instances marked as "closed" mean you can join but you have to request an invitation.

#FediTips #Fediverse #GoodReads #BookWyrm

Apple plans to modify iPhones to constantly scan for contraband:

“It is an absolutely appalling idea, because it is going to lead to distributed bulk surveillance of our phones and laptops,” said Ross Anderson, professor of security engineering.

Apple will be scanning your photos if you have a U. S. IPhone...

Sorry but no.. This is just a toe hold for more invasive information gathering. There are better ways to solve this scourge.


Put in those terms, it's obvious that predictive policing doesn't predict what criminals will do; it predicts what *police* will do.

Cops only find crime where they look for it. If the local law only performs stop-and-frisks and pretextual traffic stops on Black drivers, they will only find drugs, weapons and outstanding warrants among Black people, in Black neighborhoods.


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👾 The Bug Smash Fund is back for its third year!

Starting August 1, every donation we receive during the month will count towards the Bug Smash Fund 2021.

Asset forfeiture, corporate kickbacks, wealthy benefactors. These are just some of the other ways that police find to fund their surveillance efforts.

"This is about a structural failure that allows real-time data on Americans’ movements to exist in the first place and to be used without our knowledge or true consent." — @ShiraOvide on location data 👏👏👏

Original tweet :

of the Day (7/29/21): Writing a book or just need to create a shopping list? Use Standard Notes (! Everything is end-to-end encrypted, and it’s available across most platforms! All our blog posts (dallasprivacyinitiative.codebe) are drafted and revised within Standard Notes across multiple devices!

We need your help! Congress is currently considering an amendment that would close a crucial backdoor that allows the FBI to conduct warrantless surveillance of digital communications. Write to your member of Congress now.

In response to the , we joined a letter with 174 civil society organizations and experts, calling on governments to place a moratorium on the sale, transfer, and use of surveillance technology.

This afternoon, the House will vote on whether to prohibit FBI backdoor searches. It has voted twice before (in 2014 and 2015) to do so. More detailed explanation of this issue is in the article, but it would be a huge win for surveillance reform to get this passed.

The prohibition is in the form of proposed amendment #100. The best thing to do would be a call to your Member of Congress.

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