Alright party people. Rekord Buddy 2.1 will tomorrow. I'm sure there will be issues that we missed but I'll be around to fix all of them. This is a major step forward.

2.1RC ready. The calm before the storm. Let's enjoy this for a bit.

Love making those fixes that takes 3 seconds but make the app look like a real app again.

Couple of bugs away from shipping 2.1. It's time to let go.

Oh.... starting the app in low resolution fixed it. Yay!

I spoke too soon. The displays on the Kontrol S5 don't work with the new update.

So FetchRSS puked all over its payment system and won't accept any of my cards for renewal. Time to switch to another service that's not based in Ukraine I guess...

Time for macOS Catalina and Traktor 3.3beta. I like to live dangerously.

Version 2.1 will be the officially supported version for macOS Catalina.

Not much of a DJ booth yet, but it's home.'s the office.

I keep forgetting my own hashtags. I'm not good at this 😂

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