It's official. I'm down to two versions now. Tomorrow will be spent investigating a grid issue in 2.1 and finally getting back to making it work on Windows.

Tomorrow is another day. Can the universe push back enough to prevent me from posting the new 2.0? Bring it on.

Well... 2.1beta got posted. I forgot that 2.0 needed to be a non-beta build so I guess I'll have to rebuild it at work tomorrow.

All day scramble but I think we have two new builds. 2.0 and 2.1. Posting tonight!

Just re-downloaded Rekord Buddy (1.x) from the App Store. It was apparently first on the App Store in 2012 😱. At least now I can look into writing a test to offer valid 1.x users some kind of an upgrade path.

The fact that you can use Safari as a iOS client for Mastodon is pretty crazy. That's some very clean web programming right there.

The move to Paris was two months ago already. Feels like yesterday. Finally getting my marks and feeling like stuff is getting done. Choices caused pains but were the right ones.

Got caught up in getting the old 2.1beta to compile but in the end I think it was worth it. The build now has the new signing certificate and it will become 2.0.24 which means when that is done I'm down to only juggling two builds. That feels great.

Spent the day on fixing a bug in external collection file paths that was found by a beta user on the forums. It's fixed and a new build will go out tomorrow!

Today I start the ritual of catching up with support in the morning as I get in the office. Should help me stress less about it during the day even if it takes time away from development.

Got to spend a tiny bit of time getting my music collection back on the right track. I'm fully back and committed to Traktor again.

For the first time in a while I have to fix issues in the macOS build caused by changes in the Windows build. Must be doing something right.

Well... they don't quite load yet for some reason but the app launches and authorizes correctly on Windows now. One more step.

...but tomorrow is a national Holiday in France so I'm going to treat myself and take the day off. Back in the office on Friday.

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