Looks like Rekord buddy is going to be ported to a third platform this summer (macOS-ARM). I’m ready and looking forward to the task. Bring on the dev kits!

The latest 2.2beta has preliminary support for PCDJ. Feels good to finally be adding new platforms to the app.

There was a really odd database corruption bug that I had seen in the reports for a while now but could never get a hand on. Until now! An unrelated issue uncovered the problem and forced me to dig into the last bit of code from a contractor that I hadn't looked into yet. Issue is fixed. Working on a patch that will correct the problem directly on people's collections.

The make shift Windows stack trace works. Got an error report back today and I could finally see the entire stack trac after translating it with my new tool. Win!

Sometimes you have to 'waste' two days of work to make your life a lot easier in the future. I now have some resemblance of a stacktrace to investigate issues coming from the Windows build.

Tough day at the office today. Trying to get some stacktrace info added to the Windows reports. Made some headway but it's not great yet.

Got a great little feature coming in the next build. It's called Message Of The Day and it's awesome.

I'm back on support tomorrow. Days are flying by right now, what with playing teacher for the little one and all...

Server migration seems to be a success!!! Super excited about the possibilities that this opens up. Will detail some of those tomorrow on the forums.

Everything is going slower but progress is being made.

There are some great things coming to the web site soon. We will be moving to a new server and you will have very simple controls in your account to reset authorizations, cancel or restart subscriptions all by yourself.

First day of real work in confinement mode. Let's catch up with support today.

Trying to get some bits of the codebase to compile on Linux. It's not what you think. Calm down 😂.

Awesome day of work on 2.2beta today. Fixed some bug things. New build tomorrow and then I'll look at that wav file kefafle.

Engine collection support is stubbed out. It doesn't do anything but it's plugged into the 2.2 code base. This is the first time trying this new way of adding a new collection type. I'm hoping this will prove a lot faster. It's basically the tracer bullet paradigm.

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New 2.2b6 posted tonight. I will take a day next week to investigate the wav file issue in 2.1 which is probably the biggest problem right now.

Added support for Serato play counts today. Should be in 2.1.38.

2.1.37 is out. Tons of fixes in that one. Onto spending some time with 2.2.

More fixes coming. This time in the 2.1 branch. Love having a cohesive code base now.

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