This Saturday 5pm Paris time we will do a special live 4th of July edition of Damien Plays Records. 🇺🇸 🎇 🎉

Been silent for a couple of days. It's not because of the Prime Go. It's because my Windows VM for corrupted and crashed so I spent the time recovering from backups.

Damien Plays Records is live tonight. 8pm Paris time for Episode 010 with a special guestmix by Marco Nova. Be there!

I miss developing on a single platform sometimes. Would love to get back to Xcode only.

Looks like Rekord buddy is going to be ported to a third platform this summer (macOS-ARM). I’m ready and looking forward to the task. Bring on the dev kits!

Got the first pass at Engine Prime in. Tons of thing missing but the tracer bullet has gone all the way through. The 2.1 architecture was worth all the trouble to develop it.

The latest 2.2beta has preliminary support for PCDJ. Feels good to finally be adding new platforms to the app.

Looks like I may have to buy a new Mac after this year's WWDC. When that eventually replaces my main machine, I'll miss the ability to run Windows on the same box. I doubt parallels would go down the emulation route or Windows would ship on ARM.

Twitch is going to crack down on all the unlicensed music streams. Glad I focused on Mixcloud live which has legal licensing.

I should be able to ship read support for PCDJ this week in 2.2beta. More to come after that.

Silly thing I realized this week on the Traktor controllers is that when you hit the Remix key, you can still control the playing deck with the cue/pause/etc... but the cue buttons switch to controlling the other remix deck. Nice!

Damien Plays Records is on tonight! Live streaming from 8pm Paris time at 💃🏻🎉🎶🥳👌🏻🍾

Sometimes things go well. I need to remember those times.

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