Today I start the ritual of catching up with support in the morning as I get in the office. Should help me stress less about it during the day even if it takes time away from development.

Got to spend a tiny bit of time getting my music collection back on the right track. I'm fully back and committed to Traktor again.

For the first time in a while I have to fix issues in the macOS build caused by changes in the Windows build. Must be doing something right.

Well... they don't quite load yet for some reason but the app launches and authorizes correctly on Windows now. One more step.

...but tomorrow is a national Holiday in France so I'm going to treat myself and take the day off. Back in the office on Friday.

And just like that I found the solution to my issue while in the shower. It's always when I'm away from the screen.

That time when you finish compiling OpenSSL and you type nmake clean by mistake. Good times.

One more step... receipt issues seem to be dealt with but the amount of code cleanup in order to implement the fix properly will be fun. Not days fun but hopefully hours fun.

When macOS 10.15 Catalina comes out, the minimum requirement on Mac will probably be bumped to 10.12 since that would give me a unified (and supported) version of Qt to use on both macOS and Windows.

Made some headway toward catching up with support today. Will do more tomorrow morning when I'm back in the office.

Found out why the collections are not populating on Windows. Now to find the fix.

Got debugging working in CLion on Windows. This changes everything.

It builds! It runs! No collection opens! Mmm... investigating.

Well... no console output and no debugger is going to make it slightly hard to work with.

The CI runners are back up and...err...running. Windows versions of Traktor, rekordbox and Serato are downloaded. Cooking with gas today!

Well... 8% completion before the first compilation error was to be expected

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