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I was really hoping to wrap the new build up today. Guess it will be tomorrow 馃槫

Still trying to finish the new 2.1beta build. Brought some homework home.

Testing the PhaseDJs with the one and only Del Mar 馃幎馃幍

Got one of my US credit cards stolen tonight , probably online. A great reminder why web sites should not be storing your payment information because they don't know how to keep it safe.

For the record, doesn't store any payment info. Period.

Operation bye bye PayPal is a success. Fully moved to Stripe. Rekord Buddy will be sold as a subscription starting Sunday.

Subscriptions work!!!! Yay! 馃帀馃馃憣馃徎

So wait... AppCenter which is a Microsoft product is not going to support Win32? Uh? 馃く

Anxiously waiting for Stripe to process the next payment. Might go buy a license myself if it takes too long.

PayPal is a complete cluster when trying to set up recurring payments. They want me to create yet another account for their legacy product and then juggle all the different account. No thanks.

(Heads back to stripe)

It's in the next 2.1 beta but I'm going to try and put it in 2.0 also.

So Rekord Buddy is moving to AppCenter for things like crash logs and analytics. This will finally give me back info like average number of users a day and what features you guys are using.

That time when the best cross platform crash report solution is... Microsoft 馃槼

Fire has been put out. 2.0.25 should fix the problem.

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