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That time when rekordbox decides to ship versions that don't even update from XML anymore...

And I'm sick. The push back is strong this week.

Finally got track delete plugged back in and working. Maybe it's time to ship the stupid build and move on?

Build is delayed and I'm behind on support. Story of my life.

Well... didn't to half of the things I wanted to do today but collections drag and drop is in. That's kinda exciting. Won't take the whole week end off to try and catch up on support again. .

I'm going to focus on bug fixes today and tomorrow. Trying to make sure the builds out there are stable before going back to Windows next week.

Dude. The catalina beta has been around since June. What did you do this summer?

That time when you find a bunch of Kerri Chandler secret tracks you had hidden away from yourself. Tunes!!!! 🎶

Who is going to be the first subscription customer?

Catching up with support today and posted both a new 2.1 and a new 2.0 build. Writing a FAQ on subscriptions and then it's off to switching those on as the only method for getting Rekord Buddy moving forward.

Today was back to school day for my kid so obviously the day was a bit overwhelming. Still managed to get a new 2.1beta build out with support for subscription licenses. I'll wait and see if I can fix a threading bug with 2.0 tomorrow before posting a build for subscriptions in that branch. Then hopefully it's back on Windows.

Well that took some week-end work but my solution was correct and I have a fix. Some of the UI code was not ever thread safe. Ugh. I'm going to delay to the subscription license builds until Monday so that I can be on deck if something goes wrong.

As they say in France, the night gives you advice. I may have a solution.

I was really hoping to wrap the new build up today. Guess it will be tomorrow 😤

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