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Fell behind on support in the last couple of days. Been stuck on a big bug with 2.1. I think I've got it now though. Will catch up this week-end.

It's always easier when you can actually debug your code again...

I'm back on 2.0 fixes tomorrow lovelies... thanks for all the patience.

BeachHouse podcast still rocks my world. Royce is a god.

Slight change of plans for the podcast in order to optimize time and hopefully start posting new episodes. I won't be streaming on mixlr anymore but still recording live offline. The show will then be posted on Mixcloud and SoundCloud.

Caught up with stuff. Now it's time for a good night sleep and tomorrow it's bug squashing time.

Happy about GameStop being in so much trouble after all the years they spent trying to screw game developers by selling used games at a huge profit. Fuck them.

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