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It's been a while since I've been able to do some Traxsource window shopping.

Found the licensing bug in 2.1. New build coming up and then onto the next one.

That time when your super duper issue system tells you that the reason for one problem is that the code is 'to be implemented'. 😂 🤣

Par for the course. Just shipped 2.1 and already got a big authorization bug that never came up before. Investigating by posting 2.1.1.

Fixed two bugs in 10mn thanks to user info provided by bugsnag. I'm in love I tell you! 😍

Is it possible to love a new crash report system too much?

Bug reports are great! Now time to fix things and post a new build!

New error reporting system is in the new beta build and it's awesome. This marks also the return of 'Something wonderful happened..." when an issue is detected.

Switching took a little while but it seems to have been the right call.

That time when your crash log reporting system stops working correctly and you have to switch to another one because their support is terrible.

Finally found a cross platform solution for both events and bug tracking. Events will be handled via mixpanel but with a random UUID generator so that the data is anonymized. Crash logs will use bugsnag.

That time when you think you can't build release builds on your laptop and you won't be back in the office until next week. 😱

Alright party people. Rekord Buddy 2.1 will tomorrow. I'm sure there will be issues that we missed but I'll be around to fix all of them. This is a major step forward.

2.1RC ready. The calm before the storm. Let's enjoy this for a bit.

Love making those fixes that takes 3 seconds but make the app look like a real app again.

Couple of bugs away from shipping 2.1. It's time to let go.

Oh.... starting the app in low resolution fixed it. Yay!

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