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Cleaned up the boxes that came from California and found my stack of stickers. The 💻 got the brunt of it.

I'm definitely an Apple guy but I'm definitely not a iPad or Apple Watch guy. Is that weird?

The setup works but Traktor crashes when connecting to my aggregate device. Need to investigate some more.

I'm always living like I'm running out of time.

Fixed a bug in my head tonight. To be clear, I don't mean I fixed something wrong with my head but rather that I fixed a bug in the app while thinking about it in my head instead of staring at the code. This happens more often than you'd think.

Almost caught up with support. I'm going to try and visit the forums twice a day this week to help anyone out.

Loads to catch up on today. And I still owe a build to you guys. Working on it.

There's always some fun event going on in Paris.

I may have a devilish routing setup involving the Xone96, Traktor, FaceTime, the Loopback app and a microphone. Complete with Traktor preview player too. Can't wait to try it out and see if it works.

That time when you spent most of the week doing something that's not necessary.

Finally what I think will be the perfect setup, in the new office in Paris! ❤️😍🥳

New build coming tomorrow with a bunch of fixes plus I'll catch up with support before the week-end.

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