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I can not recommend Music Avenue in Paris enough if you ever need something done on your 1200s. Serviced and repaired both turntables right in front of us. Fixed my tone arm and even fixed a sticky start stop button on one of them that was driving me crazy. Franciesco is a magician.

While you're at it, put some non linear channel faders too.

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Can someone at A&H please do a Model2 with EQs instead of those silly filters? I would be a day one customer.

I guess I'll have to do without code signing for the Windows beta. My certificate has to be shipped by mail on a secure key. Ugh.

Saw this guy in an art gallery in Paris and I want it bad. Too expensive for me though.

Windows installer works and... installs! I am now officially the first person to have the Rekord Buddy beta on a Windows machine.

Windows builds in release mode and even makes an installer. The installer, sadly, ends up empty right now. More investigating tomorrow...

Ordered my Prime Go. Supposed to be released in April. Now I have a date to shoot for for Engine Prime support 😆

Almost finished cleaning up the new Paris office now that all my stuff has made it across. It's turning out to be some pretty dope digs.

I always liked the tempo nudge buttons on the Denon SCs. Only just realized it's easy to map two of those on the D2s in Traktor. Bonus!

TSA broke one of my tonearms. Literally left the tonearm unlocked and dangling after inspecting the flight case. Recourses for me? None that wouldn't involve an incredible amount of time wasting. Fuckers.

On my way back to Paris with my 1200s on the plane. Had a week full of exciting things for the future. I'm ready for it.

I know it's not the size of the screen that matters but damn...

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