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Still get customers every now and then who refuse to help get their problem sorted, are adamant that I should give them a refund right now and then sometimes go as far as reporting the transaction as fraud to their credit card company. The sense of entitlement is bewildering. On the fun side, the original issue almost always end up being user error. 🙄

Just ordered the new behemoth 16" dev Macbook for Rekord Buddy. Moving back to having a single mobile/desktop dev machine and then a separate DJ laptop with will be my current 13" MacBook.

Sidecar on macOS Catalina is so awesome. Why didn't I ever use this before?

Re-issuing the receipt certificate for Rekord Buddy auths is always such a perilous endavour. I need to document the process better for next year.

Awesome day of work on 2.2beta today. Fixed some bug things. New build tomorrow and then I'll look at that wav file kefafle.

Learning Python3 by converting some csv files for my tax returns (Yeah, plural, France and Us, lucky me). I'm such a nerd.

Engine collection support is stubbed out. It doesn't do anything but it's plugged into the 2.2 code base. This is the first time trying this new way of adding a new collection type. I'm hoping this will prove a lot faster. It's basically the tracer bullet paradigm.

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New 2.2b6 posted tonight. I will take a day next week to investigate the wav file issue in 2.1 which is probably the biggest problem right now.

Travelling back to Paris today. Might try to make some progress on Engine support on the train.

Sometimes I just shouldn't look under that carpet...

Royce starting a Beach House Radio podcast is the best news of the day. ❤️❤️❤️

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