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If it was perfect it wouldn't sound live though, would it?

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The podcast/live stream is still not perfect but I have to say the music selection is getting pretty good.

In unrelated Windows news, I now finally have my code signing certificate. One more step to shipping Windows as a real app.

Got some pretty big stuff finished today, nothing I can talk about yet but super exciting nonetheless. Back to support tomorrow!

I uninstalled mixed in key today. Haven't used key matching in my mixing in years.

In the middle of a small hacking project tonight... If this works out we may get more info for stream listeners on Friday...

Almost done posting the podcast from last night. Remember mixcloud select subscribers get the after party recording too!

I'm caught up with support. Still investigating different issues but everyone is up to date on where they are at or what I need from them. That's feels so good.

Been having some issues with the internet at home. Hope that this won't disrupt the live stream on Friday for

This week's will feature our very first guestmix courtesy of @Newton040143 and it's 🔥🔥🔥. Get ready.

We will experiment with the new Mixcloud Live next week for

iPhone 12 is looking tasty. I've always loved the old iPhone 4/5 design.

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