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Version 2.1 will be the officially supported version for macOS Catalina.

Not much of a DJ booth yet, but it's home.'s the office.

I keep forgetting my own hashtags. I'm not good at this 😂

Podcast is going to be on Spotify too. Whatever next??

Got some new gear for the office. You can't write DJ software without a DJ booth at work, right?

And just when you thought you had that threading bug fixed. Ugh.

I have a nice beta update build ready for tomorrow. I've had more time to test things myself this week so things are getting a bit more polished.

I'm thinking of trying to do 30 for 30. The only issue would be playing on the week-ends.

Finally found a fix last night. I hope. Got to catch up with support now. Never a dull moment.

Deadlock bug is still there. Have I mentioned how much I love those? No? That's because I don't.

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