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This @damnyouwillis@twitter.com panel just about sums me up entirely.

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NYEH HEH HEH HEH HEH, my plan to destroy He-Man with this special strain of weed and this stack of Star Wars references cannot fail

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It's Walky! $100 Theater: "Go ahead and try" itswalky.com/comic/go-ahead-an via @damnyouwillis@twitter.com

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For this week's Sunday Twitter focus, we want to see the best examples of celebrities playing themselves within a fictional world. Share your favorite scenes with the hashtag and we'll RT our favorites throughout the day! twitter.com/BWDR/status/116321

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He-Man: Revelation is gonna pick up the original story right where it left off in... *checks* The New Adventures of He-Man episode 65, where Flogg leads the Evil Mutants and the entire Denebrian forces in their final battle against Primus.

Happy birthday today to my little brother. He's, what, 37?

The 1939 Wizard of Oz film we all know was the second remake

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Opinion: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, they made original films

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you never feel more powerful

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nothing quite like the rush of endorphins when you realize you've got one more comic in your buffer than you thought

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Me: My daughter was run over and killed by a Ford Focus and that’s why I think there should be a stop sign at the intersection of 4th and Main. Thank you.

NRA: Um it was actually a Kia Sorento you FUCKING IDIOT???

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he-man's getting a new netflix series that's just a sequel to the original cartoon, and i feel bad for those guys 'cuz they could have gotten a cool full reboot where everyone's gay

Powerglide: Come visit me on Earth?

Moonracer: sure, um, once the war is over

*the war was nine million years old with no end in sight*

can't believe Otto Octavias needed eight

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Japanese researchers say this robotic tail attached to the waist with a harness could help unsteady elderly people keep their balance reut.tv/2B5rCfA via the @ReutersTV@twitter.com tech playlist

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My friend keeps telling me I should be a disney content blogger (or twitter equivalent) but unless the Mouse is gonna pay me I have no interest in anything other than disney shitposting. I only want to post cursed wikia pages. never forget the best one of all

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