I remember when Tengu delivered these Toy Fair images to us in 1997, and how we all were:

1) annoyed Hasbro forgot to rotate TM Rattrap's backpack around
2) excited about how his toy was clearly painted silver

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Another 2 Toy fair catalogue pages tonight. The rather plain looking one from 1998 and a German one from 1997.

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Got some more Hasbro Toy fair catalogue pages for you all tonight. The first 2 are from 1996 and the other 2 are from 1997. And remember kids "Figures do not fly"

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Oh sure. I'll do that today after I pick up groceries, since impeaching politicians in a system set up to be slanted against anyone not supporting a specific party is apparently so goddamned easy.

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"Gee, why don't people like liberals?"
-cue liberals posting tweets celebrating/hoping for suffering in red states that will only affect the disenfranchised because their empathy stops being for show-

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I love when people are like "isn't queer a slur" as if I did not spend my entire youth and teenage years in a culture where the shorthand for something stupid or disappointing was "that's gay" lmfao

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basement arranging unearthed my Sigma Six Destro, huzzah

so i guess in crankshaft yesterday, the church organist died AT THE ORGAN, DURING CHURCH??? dang

Anyway here's a picture of a third of Commander Class Kingdom Rodimus Prime

note: do not place 11-month-olds on a piano bench, they're just gonna fall off

idly wondered if Flame Toys' $400 SG Optimus Prime figure was more expensive than the original toy on the secondary market and uh

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hey. hey Keith.

This is a fucking shit take. Fuck all the fucking way off into the fucking sea.

States are not monolithic blocks of samethink in lockstep with a handful of dubiously-elected officials.

Maybe don't be so ghoulishly eager to let innocent people to die, shitcrumb. twitter.com/KeithOlbermann/sta

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What a fool. Grapple in purple looks gorgeous. Like a Shattered Glass Grapple. A Grape-ple

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