Today I've been married nine years to, whose only vice is declaring every minor, mutual inconvenience a "GIFT OF THE MAGI"

RT THE NEWS IS OUT! I'm the writer on TRANSFORMERS: HISTORIA, coming this December from IDW Publishing!!


RT is a great interview; come see her at CXC's Expo and Marketplace on September 29-30!


wait does the Fortress of Solitude change the actor who plays Superman at age 18 into Christopher Reeve

he goes there as an adult, is zapped into a superman costume, and suddenly he's a different adult

Hey, everyone, I have my table assignment!

It's 6. In case you're wondering where that is, that's between 5 and 7!

(September 29-30)

look folks I don't know what to tell you he fucks the shit outta that chicken

RT Here's a thread of every moment I loved from the trailer.


fine so ernie and bert "can't have sexualities" but gonzo can fuck a chicken

RT Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins Returns
Mary Poppins Forever
Mary Poppins and Robin

Mary Poppins Begins
The Flying Nanny
The Flying Nanny Rises

Mary Poppins v. Nanny McPhee: Dawn of Justice


oh man, the Folgers Christmas commercial set!

the offset for buying one fascist is also buying one anti-fascist, right

learning ernie and bert was written by an ernie about his bert is learning everything you wanted to be true is true

RT This page from IDW's Optimus Prime #21.
Final Answer.


RT Queer writer Mark Saltzman confirms what we've always known - Bert and Ernie are more than friends.

Touchingly, he also admits he patterned them on his loving relationship with his own "Bert" to his "Ernie", film editor Arnold Glassman.


RT There is a widespread campaign of fear being devised and perpetuated against me just because my dick looks like a cartoon character


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