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The Spider-Man universe is never going to recover from Wilson Fisk’s design in Into The Spider-Verse. I don’t care about a Kingpin that doesn’t have six foot wide shoulders and an impenetrable void of a body. Your Kingpin looks like a human man? Fuck outta here who cares

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Looks like this month's first bonus strip is gonna be about Carla! And without having to disqualify any votes about folks I can't write strips about yet, even!

1) log onto alt.toys.transformers
2) warn them of an imminent event that will preempt the new Transformers show for about a month
3) I sit back while they prevent it for me

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your current self is zapped back to September 2, 2001. how much of 9/11 do you think you could prevent. if you’d like, please reply with your reasoning and methodology

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Travel through time, feed "ten years younger" pill to baby Hitler

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#1 twice

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When I was wondering this morning whether or not the mail would bring me my crate of new priority envelopes, i didn't realize there was a third "no mail at all" option

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Editor: You get those photos of Elliott Gould and Grover?
Photographer: Sure did boss, real fuckin sexy just like you asked.
Editor: what

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It is finally done. @JenniferBrunner@twitter.com flipped an Ohio Supreme Court seat, in one of the few bright spots for OH Dems this cycle. Brunner's support was widespread, even in heavily R rural areas. Congressional district wise, the map backfired and she carried FOURTEEN out of 16 CDs.

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Me watching American Ninja Warrior: Dude! You have to release your fingertip hold while your legs are swinging forward to reach the next inch-wide handhold!

Me climbing three flights of stairs: whoo, damn this is… (gasping) wow twitter.com/GailSimone/status/

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I can’t believe I’m just now learning that Lorenzo Music, the voice of Garfield, manned a suicide hotline

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Just waiting for Trump to have Pence resign, appoint Melania VP, then resign and get appointed vp, so she can resign in January and give him the job back because legally a husband and wife cannot lose the same election

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