People post that screenshot of the study saying that cops have difficulty infiltrating anarchist groups because there's too much reading, but another one of my favorite parts is "We don't know how to cut their funding because it's just a bunch of anonymous poor people"


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Given anarchists’ opposition to capitalism and enterprise the question of how they fund
their operations is intriguing. Anarchists typically lead a simple and inexpensive lifestyle.
Many are vegetarian or vegan and are accustomed to a communal life where food and
other resources are shared. On a daily basis, most anarchists have jobs (typically low
paying service jobs). They often travel by shared rides in cars, but many have become
proficient at hopping trains to travel long distances. A series of projects throughout the
country known as “Food not Bombs” often provide collective food for the anarchist
community (the food is not necessarily only consumed by anarchists). Therefore, it does
not require much money to facilitate subsistence and travel. Many of the higher level

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