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I've never been a fan of reality TV, but this new genre of programming, which I like to call "criminals being uncomfortably exposed in public," is RIVETING.

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One for the history books. (📷 Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

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Successful real estate entrepreneur sees no reason to go to prison for unsuccessful real estate entrepreneur

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I met an old pirate who jacks off into his pet moray's aquarium every day. When I asked him why, he said "Bustin' makes me eel food."

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Sondland bought his way into this job! Paid for the opportunity to be in this mess

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Truly, the majesty of the office of the presidency. The SPLENDOR.

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CASTOR: You called the president, you said he was feeling cranky that day, right?

SONDLAND: He seemed very cranky to me.

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If you weren't around the comics blogosphere in the late '00s, you may not remember what I consider to be the Tommy Wiseau's The Room of comic books: Batman Odyssey by Neal Adams. Here is a quick primer.

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Maybe it was a mistake to trust this guy to plan a crime

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me: woo got my strip finished early, i can go to bed right at midnight
me: *checks mary worth at midnight, it's about wilbur Say Anythinging estelle*
me: shit how is it 1am already

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*opens up mary worth relatively belatedly*


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I know we're all focused on Poe's look but can we talk about Rose??? I mean.... yES.

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phillip j fry claims to be a huge fan of lucy liu, yet never mentions her role as dr joan watson, FAKE FAN

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