We also had a pinot noir from Ten Minutes by Tractor and it was expensive (compared to what I usually spend on wine) but man was it good. I haven’t met a Mornington Peninsula pinot I haven’t liked, but this was something else. Would have been a bargain at four times the price.

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I’m not much of a cook but it’s mrs damonism’s birthday and she likes a home cooked meal (that she doesn’t have to make) so tonight I made duck confit with potatoes roasted in duck fat and broccolini sautéed in garlic butter, with blood orange Panna Cotta for dessert. It all went surprisingly well (I was particularly worried about the Panna Cotta because I hadn’t made one of those before and it has a long lead time so little margin of error).

Trying to remember to toot at @damonism these days. I’ve imported my follow list from here so if you see a follow from me that’s why.

Spring is here and the boy ducks are full of duck testosterone and stupidity and are thinking about challenging the dog for backyard supremacy. Luckily the dog considers the ducks at most nuisances to be ignored.

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Three hours of driving and then five hours around small children and I’m ready to sleep for a month.

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Americans are asleep
Post pictures of Australian wildlife

It is beer and pizza o’clock ⇒ 🍺&🍕⏰

The local ravens have been using our birdbath to store their dinner (delightful things like decapitated parrot heads) so every time the dog goes outside he heads straight to the birdbath to see if there are any new “treats”.

(But maybe don’t do that unless you’re actually employed by them because impersonating a government official is a crime.)

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Seriously, walking up to a polling booth wearing an AEC t-shirt is like Moses parting the Red Sea. It might be the only thing they tell people handing out HTVs is that whatever you do, don’t get in the way of the polling officials. Also works remarkably well for state elections (substituting the respective state commission’s gear).

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I don’t actually own any purple clothing. I used to have a purple AEC t-shirt, but ended up donating it to Vinnies. I hope someone buys it and uses it to skip to the front of the polling place queue next federal election.

Managed to install @tootapp on my phone where it looks much better – the iPad interface is just the phone interface stretching to fill screen. Switching between accounts on different instances is a bit clunky though.

Sat down on the couch and the dog quite forcefully sat beside me as if to say ‘it’s about fucking time we were sitting on the couch’.

I think it has been raining but my desk is so far from a window it’s difficult to tell.

After a few more minutes of use – @tootapp is actually pretty nice. It has some cute visual flair, and it’s laid out in such a way that it’s pretty easy to just focus on your own timeline and forget Local and Federated exists, which is probably good for refugees from the birdsite. Did take a bit of head scratching to work out how to log into my own account, though, and have no idea whether it’ll let you log into another account at the same time, however.

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A new version to Toot! is out! New in this version:

* Federated timeline now available (click the title).
* You can set up which notifications are shown on the notification tab (click the title again!).
* Twitter keyboard when posting new toots.

As usual, use toot-beta-signup.herokuapp.com to sign up for the beta test!

Signed up to the beta of Toot! (an iOS Mastodon client). So far, so good, but it’s not terribly optimised for iPad in landscape view.

Bunch of roos out at the dog club this evening. I can understand why they’d be there – lots of water and green grass. But man that’s a recipe for disaster (most likely for a dog).

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Just a reminder for anyone looking for a new instance: registration is currently open on humanities.one, an instance for Mastodon users interested in #anthropology, #archaeology, the #arts, #ethnicstudies, #genderstudies, #history, #linguistics, #literature, #philosophy, #politicalscience, #religion, etc. Professionals, academics, students and amateurs all welcome.

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