Mastodon is so much better than Twitter because it’s decentralised and you can join any of the countless instances.

*All of Twitter joins*

@damonism hey hey now, back when I joined there weren't that many options :P

@fasterthanlime When I first joined, a year or so ago, I joined another instance because this one was closed. I’ve since got an account here, so I can’t really complain.

@damonism I've been trying to find a smaller instance that would be right for me, but haven't yet!

@damonism can you “unjoin” an instance and join another instance instead?

@firstdogonthemoon @damonism I believe so, yes. It's an export/import process but they're working on a more direct port thing.

@jpwarren @firstdogonthemoon @damonism I'm not entirely sure it should be more direct than the current situation tbf. Instance hopping is probably bad juju.

@twiddlekins @firstdogonthemoon @damonism Yeah, there would be issues with account hijack and forcing people to follow accounts and whatnot. Better to just get people to refollow you and take the hit.

@jpwarren @twiddlekins @damonism the main (only) issue for me is am i on the cool best and interesting national treasure instance

@firstdogonthemoon @twiddlekins @damonism Well you're the national treasure so wherever you are is the cool one, no?

@firstdogonthemoon Yep. You lose your toots but you can export your follow lists so you’re not starting completely from scratch again. You can also be active on multiple instances at once if you want. It’s like having multiple email addresses.

@firstdogonthemoon Yep, I did it manually but early on so I only had to refollow a small number.
If you do, let your followers know and they'll refollow you on your new instance.
You can join multiple instances if you want.

@PaulMcEwan @firstdogonthemoon Most apps let you hop between your instance accounts. You can talk to anyone from anywhere.

The difference is in utility of smaller instances as a themed community where you might find companionable strangers, vs as a polyglot grand central station. In a big instance, the instance timeline isn’t of much value except as “oh look, thousands of people saying stuff in many languages”.

Which is also nice, obviously.

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