Mental note: always have probiotics (yogrt) after ingesting antibiotics.

I got trapped on double rainbow day that two days later it still hurts to move. Worth it.

You know how the Eiffel Tower won the Grand Prize at the 1889 World Fair? Well, it had to share the glory with a book.

Not any book: A book ENTIRELY WOVEN IN SILK.

You heard right. And nerds, get this: All pages of this book were produced on the Jacquard loom in 1889, using thousands (200k-500k) of punch cards. Only 50-60 copies were made. >

Someone realized you could, like, sell some books.

"What if we made them really nice?" — some intern at the publisher

wild story about how today's college students don't have a mental model for computer directory systems or the concept of files

"every 'normal' person, and not just the artist, possesses an inexhaustible store of buried images within the unconscious. All that is required is courage and a liberating method, a voyage of discovery into the unconscious that will unearth found objects in an unfalsified state."

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leather armour is the best for stealth characters because it is made from hide

the university of milan has released over four hundred meows for non-commercial and research purposes (via

Omg this heat... the scientists have warned us about this. Cue the surprise pikachus. #2021

It always boils down to the questions: What is the best balance between control and accident? Are you sure that everything really has been found yet? How do you get to the tiny recesses where something original might still be hiding?

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I'm sorry. My ability to can is away right now. Please leave a message after the maow. *BEEP*

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