@sandro what's the expected granularity? will indieweb individualists each run their own server, or will there by a few hundred huge ones, or both? does this affect the protocol and ui design?


A few points:

- Hopefully most folks will use services that run servers for them. Administering a server is hard if you're not a ruby-on-rails professional.

- The protocols and UX are pretty agnostic to granularity. A few mastodon features only work on your server, but that's just a design decision and would be easy to change

- At this point, I think some indieweb servers are interoperable with Mastodon, via standard protocols



- The Server=Community granularity seems to be an important part of Mastodon's success so far. When you transition a community to Mastodon at once, you get local critical mass, which is often sufficient. Of course, this was part of Facebook's initial campus strategy.

- I sure wish we could get account mobility, so folks were not then locked into the system they started on. See and

@sandro yeah i feel like i'll need to be on constant duty to claim 'danbri' account everywhere. Of course that could potentially be scripted, which is also the royal road to botville

@danbri yeah no definitely don't even try to do that. Pick one server that seems good (eg given your connections to W3C, or find some other community of people you generally like) and let that be your home. Or or something, if you want to do ruby or pay someone else to.

@sandro haven't touched ruby since 2002 or so and am failing to keep even a blog running, will hang out here for now :)

@danbri Maybe someone has or wants to set up or or something like that.

@danbri These days I'd say pay a server for you and your friends at

@danbri Whichever friends you can convince to try it

Alas, since I posted that, has announced it's shutting down. A terrible, terrible indicator for the ecosystem.

@danbri Not without some heavy changes. What's needed is an effective development ecosystem, and without any hope of a VC exit, I'm not sure how that could get sufficient funding.


Moving social groups is so hard. I still post to Twitter far more than #Mastodon. I enjoy posting to Twitter more (better feedback), and I enjoy reading Twitter more (better content), so ... what can one do?

@sandro @danbri for me it is opposite. I have more follower and more boost than in twitter. Just depends how your use of twitter. I hate the algoryhmic stream always frustrated to miss something. I refresh and have different post and I lost things.
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