im a print on demand nimby — i support pod in concept but personally send me the nice books

I'd frankly braced myself for disappointment but I loved this little book on one of my all-time favorite albums

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OK OK OK my book The Illustrated Guide to Video Formats and associated website with illustrations+data are both out now!!!

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spent this week working on a very small tool for making intractable unfolding texts entirely out of the html <details tag>

you can try it at !

If you have a favorite elderflower recipe, please throw it in my direction!

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It's elderflower season! This year I've experimented with various starters for the traditional elderflower fizz and it seems
to generally be pretty delicious regardless of culture. The whey-spiked batch turned out to be the more interesting, fuller-bodied, though.

2y4m: smoke-free
2y1m: meat-free
2y1m: free of any perceivable cold
6m: fasting 16h/day

And a little demo to go with the little post. Here you can see how the JS solution fares up to the ":focus-within" CSS pseudo-class.

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Wrote a little post on some old-skool DOM event:

"Observe a DOM element's focus-within state", or how to listen for changes in ":focus-within" in JavaScript:

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Find out how good you are at placing historical events in the right order with this cool new game based on Wikidata's data:

This is awesome!

I've just published a deep dive into two-finger gestures in the DOM. It goes into implementing linear transforms (panning, pinch-zooming, etc.) on HTML & SVG elements using wheel, touch & gesture DOM events.

📖 Pinch me, I'm zooming: gestures in the DOM

Feedback greatly appreciated!

there's nothing obscene about wsf-xxx, save for perhaps the quantity of useful links for web dev folx

Search isn't helping me at all: who here on fedi was working on an epub-in-browser thing?

It's all fun and games until you have to npm install & restart webpack on every step of a git bisect

Version 1.1.1 also includes a first pass at improving the tree-shakeability of the library, with the option to register color spaces manually:

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After a few bumps in the road, I've released a first stable version for culori. It's now published as a native ESM package, with legacy CJS/IIFE/UMD fallbacks.

Migration guide:

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Ah, one of my yearly highlights:

„The Finalists of The 2021 #Comedy #Wildlife #Photography #Awards Have Been Announced!“

... and „they’re bound to make your day brighter.“

#fun #foto #SadAndUseless #funny #animals

It's an "Upgrade from Webpack 4 to Webpack 5" kind of day. Let's see if the upgrade is smoother than three years ago, when I spent a week on it. 😅

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“Software Crisis 2.0 – Baldur Bjarnason”

I decided to dump everything I’ve learned that’s relevant to software project failure into a single essay. Why it happens. Why it’s so common. Some thoughts on how to do better.

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