Oh My God It's Midnight and This Soup Will Never Cool, a memoir

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Wild garlic pesto is amazing! Just substitute the leaves for basil in your normal pesto recipe [1]. We use it for whole wheat pasta with a chopped potato and green beans [2]. Never went wrong with it.

[1] jamieoliver.com/features/how-t

[2] marthastewart.com/348682/pasta

This is a brilliant idea. A catalogue of state machines for UI features:


This is such a great record, we've been listening to it exclusively for the past few days:

El Michels Affair — Yeti Season


(in other words, on the way the assumption of assistance from external tooling — via features such as click-through to definition, on-hover type information, etc — shapes code)

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Are there articles on the topic of code written in IDE-style vs. text-editor-style?

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Which type of novelty-seeking web developer are you? baldurbjarnason.com/2021/which

Not all things new and shiny are created equal.

It was fun becoming relatively comfortable reading typeset text written in XIXth century Romanian Cyrillic. But at first blush this XVIIIth century manuscript is just... impenetrable.

Full site editing — where the Gutenberg block editor is used to manage things like headers, footers, and menus — is coming to . A very smart move to compete with website builders such as Squarespace.


Fun fact: the English word "con" (ruse, trick) comes from the practice of impersonating a legitimate website by replacing ".com" with ".con": "Bob, don't put your credit card info on that website. It's... a [.]con!"

I wish I read this news from two days ago before spending 50€ on On1 Resizer 2021 a few minutes ago... The latest Adobe Camera Raw version comes with its own machine-learning-powered image superscaling.


I slapped together an Eleventy-based static site for the books I've been digitizing these days: llll.ro/

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woo-hoo, we're scheduled to get the first dose of the vaccine in a week!

I feel as if I've discovered and then forgotten about this several times throughout the years, but was surprised again that Windows serves Arial when CSS asks for Helvetica. 🤦‍♂️

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Small breakthrough: by default Google outputs text as it was laid out on the page (with line breaks and hyphenation) but you can do your own serialization, so I got rid of the annoying manual steps of reconstructing paragraphs!

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The most cumbersome part is getting an API key. If you decide to give it a shot, let me know which steps are the most confusing — maybe elaborate on the instructions?

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