I've enabled HTTPS with my personal website (currently on hiatus while I work on my staticgen), and now Google webfonts don't load — which is excellent since I wanted to phase those out too :P

Making progress with the book pruning: reclaimed about 2 meters of shelf space so far!

Wanted to make a Pinboard CLI to do interesting things with bookmarks but the nature of its API is more conductive to just dumping everything into an SQLite DB. Is there an UI that makes SQLite CRUD pleasant to work with?

(Part of my bibliomania I guess, but) I have a soft spot for about books. So here's a collection of books that are, themselves, thematic collections of books.

(Hit me up with your favorites of the genre)

A recent macOS update involving a patch version of the OS and updates to the Xcode CLI tools demands 24GB of free space. Do I look like I'm made of disk?

On the topic of cookbooks. It might be just me, and how usually I blank out from the rush of ordering books & fail to look at the deets, but do check that you're buying the edition from the side of the Atlantic that uses your preferred measuring units.


Veggie Stock Sunday

This time I sauteed the vegetables in olive oil and used up some leftover Prosecco. Already smells amazing!

Why do "bio/eco/organic" things come in extra-wasteful packaging

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I'm asking this question especially to members of the Merveilles community.

I'm curious what some of your goals are? You can answer as broadly as you like, and understand my question to mean, where you think you want to go, where you think things should be going.

Just curious, and I think others are as well.


Love to have Adobe Illustrator updated to the 2021 edition in my sleep only for the new version to fail to launch.

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