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A fact that is obvious in retrospect but that I hadn’t considered before: there are TLDs for countries that don’t exist anymore. Soviet Union (.su), Yugoslavia (.yu), East Germany (.dd), Czechoslovakia (.cs) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.su

I'm now going through my "write your own static site generator" phase, and this is what I came up with so far: github.com/marceljs/marcel

(alas, no docs yet)

I wouldn't have anticipated ancillary work (writing docs) taking up the majority of time. For another React UI library we're working on, I'm stuck (possibly bikeshedding) the interactive docs, struggling with the available tools, resisting the urge to write one from scratch, etc

I've got culori, our color-manipulation JS library, to more or less what I had in mind when I started it. Docs are mostly complete, now waiting for that first round of real-world feedback

Pruning my found photography collection, which has been confounding the Barthesian studium and punctum. Realized I'm actually not very motivated by the cultural / historical factor, inasmuch as the poignant and the sublime.

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The Key Principles of the IndieWeb.

— Own your data, content, metadata and your identity.
— Publish data for humans first, machines second.
— Scratch Your Own Itches. Make tools, templates, etc. for yourself first.
— Use what you make!
— Document your stuff.
— Open source your stuff!
— UX and design is more important than protocols, formats, and data models.
— Build platform agnostic platforms.
— Longevity. Build for the long web.
— Plurality.
— Have fun.


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So many places for open source project documentation. Where do you see extensive/detailed docs?

* Big-ass README
* docs/ folder in repo
* Github Pages
* Github Wiki

(or a combination of 2? 3?? :D)

Nearest CSS Named Colors, an Observable notebook to study the quality of various color difference formulas. beta.observablehq.com/@danburz

want to feel old? the last AWVFTS album proper was four years ago.
Glad to see this in my notifs.

oh and forget about using San Francisco for the text — due to its weird metrics it trips over the PDF

percollate 0.2.12 now published, after surviving 1.4k stars — PSA: Readability is not very reliable (hence the mozilla/fathom effort), Safari's reader view is much better but closed-sourced, print CSS support still abysmal, but we do what we can :-) github.com/danburzo/percollate

So, um, percollate landed on the front page of Hacker News and, consequently, is a trending JS repo on GitHub today? Eek, not bad for a cobbled up shower thought.

(Getting a bit tipsy from all this external validation)


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