is the anything more disturbing than the word tactilely

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is there anything more tactilely disturbing than a padded/puffy soft-touch book cover finish

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On Bookmarks and Note Taking

I’m moving my collection of links from a naive bookmarking system to a more intentional centralized knowledge base.

Is there a clever way to use a <button type="reset"/> to only clear the file?

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Puzzle of the day: is there a HTML-only way that clears the content of a file <input/>? Some (all?) browsers lack a way to undo choosing a file.

I've accidentally navigated away from a web page I was writing on twice in five minutes. I take it Back/Forward buttons on the touchbar in Firefox macOS are a recent addition? Haven't really noticed (I normally use an external keyboard because the macbook one has broken down)

This is just gorgeous:

Meander is a procedural system for generating historical maps of rivers that never existed.

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I've been recently getting out of the habit of using (Node) JS for every task, and leaning more on POSIXy things and better, faster CLI tools. I worry a bit about portability, but I've come to appreciate modules talking to each other through pipes than through code.

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Hm... what would be the easiest way to load some external JS in the browser console when CSP rules forbid using import?


I guess copy-pasting the entire thing bundled as UMD is an option, but it's kind of annoying...

(Unfortunately I don't think addEventListener() / removeEventListener() calls will trigger the MutationObserverc callback...)

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MutationObserver is a neat solution to keep the highlights in sync with changes in the DOM, and I'll be using it for more debuggy things in dev tools.

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A short gist to highlight CSS stacking contexts on a web page and help you sort out z-index issues.

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