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Ah, one of my yearly highlights:

„The Finalists of The 2021 #Comedy #Wildlife #Photography #Awards Have Been Announced!“

... and „they’re bound to make your day brighter.“


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It's an "Upgrade from Webpack 4 to Webpack 5" kind of day. Let's see if the upgrade is smoother than three years ago, when I spent a week on it. 😅

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“Software Crisis 2.0 – Baldur Bjarnason”

I decided to dump everything I’ve learned that’s relevant to software project failure into a single essay. Why it happens. Why it’s so common. Some thoughts on how to do better. baldurbjarnason.com/2021/softw

One annoying thing to mark up in HTML is images along with their dimensions. Using ImageMagick you can grab an <img> tag right from the command line with:

magick identify -format '<img src="%i" alt="" width="%w" height="%h"/>\n'

Added an RSS (well, Atom) feed to my website — long time user, first time publisher! (please do let me know if you notice anything weird with it.)


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**New analysis of landmark scurvy study leads to update on vitamin C needs**

"Review of a landmark, 1944 study on adequate vitamin C levels leads researchers to challenge the WHO's recommended daily amounts."


#science #news #bot

phew, neglected the endeavor for a while so now watch/star/fork xxiv packs a good 87 www hyperlinks. enjoy if u can!

@exquisitecorp You mention archival purposes, be aware that Readability will occasionally omit chunks of content, so it might be a good idea to store an unprocessed snapshot of the HTML, if accuracy is important.

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I'm now using Git LFS for storing images on GitHub, which seems to be working well so far. I did have a few hiccups setting it up (including, ahem, rewriting the entire Git history of the repo).

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Bit the bullet and finally rewired my website to use Eleventy (from 2014-era bespoke abandonware tooling based on Grunt), brought in a bunch of stuff from other places (eg. dev.to), cleaned up the design a bit. Looking forward to maybe possibly write there more often.


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"npm audit: Broken by Design" by Dan Abramov overreacted.io/npm-audit-broke

I'm so glad someone finally said this. The current situation is a huge mess.

@piggo @dendy @fribbledom Yeah, I also do that. `git commit -a` is 'all but not, like, all, ya know?'

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