We have another opening @ClubSnell@twitter.com: Global Campus Outreach & Online Learning Librarian — come join us in a vibrant and friendly library that is exploring the frontiers of research and learning. neu.peopleadmin.com/postings/5

Delighted that we will be hosting a conference on 3/25-26, sponsored by the Coalition for Networked Information and the Association of Research Libraries, on how to set up and advance digital scholarship at universities. Registration is now open: dsg.neu.edu/cni_workshop/

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Been to @MSNewEngland@twitter.com’s “Conversation on Civic Tech” at District Hall? Want more? Join us on 1/16 for Conversation in Civic Innovation: Libraries as Drivers of Civic Engagement + hear from me, @dleonard@twitter.com, @lizpslibrarian@twitter.com, @chriscolbertX@twitter.com, + @dancohen@twitter.com! RSVP bit.ly/2FHhrnb

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Nor were they filed under "disaster," "spill," or "molasses." Instead, they were filed under "Collapses." You can see the filing thought process written on the back of some of the Globe photographs here.

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Finding the photos posted by @Northeastern@twitter.com marking the 100th anniversary of the flood was not as easy as one might think. In our Boston Globe Library collection the photos were not filed by Globe librarians under "flood." twitter.com/Northeastern/statu

A 40-foot wave of 2 million gallons of hot molasses moving at 35 MPH. It killed 21 people, seriously injured another 150, and destroyed everything in its path.
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100 years ago today, the flattened an entire neighborhood. Photos are courtesy of the @BostonGlobe library collection now located at @ClubSnell.

Meanwhile, “In a truly landmark development, the Open, Public, Electronic and Necessary (OPEN) Government Data Act makes permanent the federal government’s commitment to Open Data and an ‘open by default’ policy for all non-sensitive government data.” sparcopen.org/news/2019/huge-w

We may have mistakenly adopted a kangaroo instead of a hound

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Coming soon @Northeastern@twitter.com—a new studio for students, faculty, and community members interested in the history & future of letterpress printing. We’ll move into our Holmes Hall home @eng@english_nu@twitter.comJanuary 19th. Scholars, writers, artists, tinkerers, & makers welcome!

Next Wednesday evening, January 16, I’ll be a panelist at “Conversation in Civic Innovation: Libraries as Drivers of Civic Engagement,” at District Hall in Boston. Free and open to the public, but registration recommended (there will be a large audience). eventbrite.com/e/conversation-

The first What’s New podcast of 2019 is with Dan O’Brien, author of the new book The Urban Commons: How Data and Technology Can Rebuild Our Communities. Using smart city data, Dan has developed some fascinating ideas about the life of our cities. Tune in! whatsnewpodcast.org/the-urban-

911 is for emergencies, but many cities now have 311 for citizens to report issues and request services. On the latest What’s New, Dan O’Brien analyzed millions of 311 calls to see how people relate to each other and their government, and build ... social.dancohen.org/2019/01/08

Coming later this month to @ClubSnell@twitter.com: “Touch This Page! Making Sense of the Ways We Read,” an exhibit on ability, access, and tactile writing systems like braille, followed by a symposium starting on April 4, which you can now register for: touchthispage.eventbrite.com

Say hello to Belle, a hound we just adopted from a rescue.

Not-to-be-missed exhibit: “Empresses of China’s Forbidden City,” currently at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA—a deep exploration of gender and power. The showstoppers are the incredible royal gowns, but it also has truly astonishing books and ... social.dancohen.org/2019/01/03

Mark Twain: “A copyright term of an author’s life and 50 yrs will satisfy any reasonable author, b/c it will take care of his children. Let the grandchildren take care of themselves.” Great-grandchildren worry as 1923 books finally enter the public domain. nyti.ms/2GMJ2Un

Love this photo of Georgia O’Keeffe taken by Ansel Adams (at the MFA Boston Ansel Adams exhibit)

The U.S. Potash Company commissioned Ansel Adams to make a photographic portrait of their Carlsbad, New Mexico mine, and he slyly gave them a version of Turner’s “Rain, Steam and Speed”

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