There’s been a lot of concern about “deep fakes,” using machine learning to fabricate video & audio in ways that look & sound convincingly real. A related issue: can we prevent the historical record from being subtly changed without our knowledge?

@dancohen I think we're going to see a lot of "deep fakery" coming soon as it gets easier to do. See for example this NVidia tool allowing you to switch faces in videos.

@dancohen I am more concerned about "Trusted Computing," where they can restrict everyone to "approved" applications and hide what the OS is doing. The ability of these systems to arbitrarily delete files has been demonstrated by Amazon with the "1984" thing.

@dancohen we need cameras that can cryptographically sign audio/video... idk something.

This can certainly be solved with math but I can't be sure we will put the effort in to solving it. We don't even try to solve the simple problem of "automatically ensure every eligible American can vote".
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