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The Bridge has improved a lot over the months. It allows Twitter users to find their friends on Mastodon.

If you have a Twitter account, consider using it at least once so when your Twitter friends discover Mastodon, they will easily find you here.

If you agree to link your Twitter and Mastodon account, see connecting at least once as a small contribution to the Mastodon community.


If you agree, retoot or post your own version.

15.5km run. Long runs seem to work better for me if I think about running ‘to’ somewhere, and then ‘back’. It’s not so intimidating as mentally saying “today I’m going run about 16km.”

Hyundai Kona EV looks interesting. Boot seems a bit on the small side though - titchier even than my Focus.

So what iOS clients are y’all using? I’m using Tootdon, which is kinda ok but a little clunky and doesn’t handle network timeouts (or server errors?) very well.

So I’ve been on holiday. What, specifically, has prompted this episode of mastodon interest? Not complaining, just curious!

Gonna need to start reading about ActivityPub, aren’t I?

My twitter is full of politics and my mastodon is full of anime. Not sure how that happened.


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