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D'Angelo Wallace @dangelowallaceart

I had fun this morning! I colored this drawing from @TMWReviews XD (I told myself I was just going to do a basic color pass but like . . . I really like satyrs and my hand slipped lmfaO //slapped)

Uhm trending bot whats going on

@envgen Once I saw a song on Soundcloud called "???" lmao

@Kittyfox Aw, thanks so much! I'm glad you do!

@eurasierboy Y E S Humans cannot comprehend the resplendent deliciousness of pudding!!

This entire time,, I thought people were somehow getting their mastodon accounts verified . . . but like I Literally Just Realized that this website is using EmojiOne. and it makes it seem like they're all verified.. but really it's just heavy white check mark emojis... I'm slow af sometimes ✅ #deletelater

I drew Akuma! And Zelda! (And a frog!!) #mastoart #creativetoots

I drew John Wick (and Cassian (and a dog (and a cat)))! #johnwickchapter2 #mastoart #creativetoots