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D'Angelo Wallace @dangelowallaceart

fill the internet with love today

leave the world with more love in it than when you started

@pmosetc I wanna see your paintings!!! Be sure to use the tags and so everyone else can see them too!

Since everyone is doing

I just really really really like art . . .
That is all™

The thumbnail for single images on Masty Boy is 244x110, so if you make an image that size it should show up as-is in people's timeline.

@dodostad or other fellow artists, consider tagging works with and . Thats how many of us follow each other's work. :)

From late last year. I've been wanting to animate more these past few months but I haven't had the time. OTL mastodon.social/media/M_sT8kwJ

@ojdaye :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: triple verification FITE ME IRL

@envgen I read that as "peridot's face reflected in lots of art deco glass shards"