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D'Angelo Wallace @dangelowallaceart@mastodon.social

it's been yet another 3 months since I posted so here are some things I've drawn recently

fill the internet with love today

leave the world with more love in it than when you started

Since everyone is doing

I just really really really like art . . .
That is all™

The thumbnail for single images on Masty Boy is 244x110, so if you make an image that size it should show up as-is in people's timeline.

@dodostad or other fellow artists, consider tagging works with and . Thats how many of us follow each other's work. :)

From late last year. I've been wanting to animate more these past few months but I haven't had the time. OTL mastodon.social/media/M_sT8kwJ

@dangelowallaceart What ever lies beyond this morning is a little later on.

Etsy just sent me an email titled Clean And Simple and that is not how it's making me feel tonight and it's hard to let it go.

I had fun this morning! I colored this drawing from @TMWReviews XD (I told myself I was just going to do a basic color pass but like . . . I really like satyrs and my hand slipped lmfaO //slapped)