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What's your first impulse?

Yesterday I watched this Netflix documentary called "The Great Hack".

I had known for a good while what they were probably up to, hence my deleting my facebook a few years back.

FFS though, I had no idea just how effective they had been, or what the run-on secondary effects would be.

It taught me two things:
1. Social Media, absent the exploitation, is a blessing
2. Never ever use social media that co-opts your data or content.

There is an impenetrable distance between individualism and "having your own truth".

The truth doesn't care about belief.

Fail to be objective and informed at your peril.

I've been getting my head around GraphQL, the hard part being to find a good, solid example in my preferred full stack (python/flask/sqlalchemy/graphene) that assumes I am neither plebe nor acolyte.

This one is pretty badass, I just had my first successful table update via mutation:

Don’t get me wrong, masto rocks - but I’m looking for something more like facebook (but federated), to compliment the more twitter-like masto ;)

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Call me a dumbass but did diaspora become masto? I’ve jumped through the various links to find a ‘pod’ on all the official diaspora websites/wikis and such, but whenever I drill down to a ‘pod’ it ultimately delivers me to some rando masto instance.

Where's all the stuff in my feed? no cory doctorow/boing boing, no satellite pings, da fuq?


I'm liking small footprint operating systems on modern hardware these days. I'm posting this from a 4GB Raspi 4. The raspian on it isn't terrible; but it's a bit outdated in many respects. A bit too comfortable. I've been looking at Alpine Linux and NixOS, come at me yo...

And I know it’s not easy to be a good developer today because nearly all dev tools, libraries, etc., are made by surveillance capitalists like Google, FB, etc.

To change that we must build ethical tools for developers. That’s why I’m working on Site.js ( and Tincan (

Developers who have ethical tools that incentivise non-colonial design can build the new everyday things we need—the Small Tech—to challenge the monopoly of Big Tech in our lives.

If you teach development, the first thing you should be teaching… before HTML, CSS, JS, etc., is ETHICS.

Teach your students to avoid 3rd-party surveillance-based APIs/components. Teach them to de-centre themselves… to build tools owned and controlled by the people who use them.

Richard Angwin
The Postal Service is the beating heart of the USA, delivering medicines, test kits, election ballots, food, clothing, stimulus checks & information to every far reaching corner of our country.

U.S. Postal Service
5:01 AM · Apr 23, 2020

What would seriously kick ass is if I could jailbreak the iPad and install something else on it, say, Arch Linux.
Now THAT would kick some serious fucking ass right there, lemme tell ya whut...

That's right, on certain sites that open windows over the top of other content (e.g., reddit), it will scroll the main (bottom-most) window when I attempt to scroll the top-most window, about 80% of the time.

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