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What's your first impulse?

using Pinterest pictures as reference for hair stylists is self harm because no matter what you show em ur coming out lookin like you wanna speak to the manager. every time

HAHA The yolk's on me, I guess I just grabbed a flag and hit the street, however unintentional.

The point being, I don't harbor animosity, I just don't need to know that much about ya unless we're about to hop in the sack, which is pretty dang unlikely, no matter who you are, or, and, etc.

An open letter to all the 'non cis' types out there:

I dont care what or who you identify as. It simply doesnt matter. It's none of my business. If I need to know you, make introductions and carry on with the business of the day.

If you look funny, smell funny, act funny, expect to be treated as such.

Let me reiterate: I'm not in the street, carrying flags, challenging whatever position you have staked out, because I am not threatened. At all.

I'm just dead sick of what we used to call TMI.

Either a weak ass attempt at rickrolling the fediverse, or maybe I just fucking love this mashup

Liking is stupid. If you like something, you should signal boost it so others can read it. Fight me.


Fuck Twitter. Fuck Facebook. May it rot quickly and be forgotten still more quickly.

That is all.

On the flip side, my code has been scanning tags for a week solid, with over 1M reads of the serial port, encompassing 4600 scan buffer merges and 28 successful api posts of 225K of tag data XD

Ahhh, week off, where did U go?

TBF, I've been ready to dive back into this codebase since Thursday :3

‘Cryptography engineers have been tearing their hair out over PGP’s deficiencies for (literally) decades. When other kinds of engineers get wind of this, they’re shocked. PGP is bad? Why do people keep telling me to use PGP? The answer is that they shouldn’t be telling you that, because PGP is bad and needs to go away.’

—Latacora - The PGP Problem

I'm on a vacation and roadtrip and it's still tough to keep my hands off code! Haven't relapsed though, not even opened the laptop yet.


90s scientists: we cloned a sheep! we landed a robot on mars!

scientists today: for the last time, the earth is *round*


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