@danhampl So Gmail is not secure because it allows users to grant access to their own messages to 3rd parties. 🤦‍♂️

@danhampl I read the whole article and I cannot find a single sentence in it explaining why GMail is insecure according to him (which is the title of the article)...? If you give your ProtonMail password to someone else, is ProtonMail also insecure?

@fuxoft these are third-party applications and passwords sharing with them. ProtonMail solves this situation using the Protonmail Bridge. Only the sender and recipient can still read e-mail communications (encrypted communications: ProtonMail-ProtonMail, etc.). protonmail.com/bridge

@danhampl If a GMail user explicitly WANTS to give the access to his emails to a third party, in order for the third party to analyze his emails, he CAN give them this access. WITHOUT giving that third party his password. What's "insecure" about that? If someone gave that access and didn't know what he was doing, then he is stupid. The original WSJ article has absolutely nothing to do with what ProtonMail Bridge does.

@fuxoft this is, of course, absolutely true, I agree. There are users using third-party email clients where the password is required (desktop/mobile: Thunderbird, Outlook, AppleMail, Spark, AirMail). This can not be done by ProtonMail without Bridge. To maintain the security of ProtonMail, then, either official applications, Bridge or Web access (always encrypted). However, if someone gives their access information to someone else, the whole security is gone, without discussion (he is stupid).

@fuxoft and we're talking about encrypted communications here. If the ProtonMail user sends an e-mail to a non-encrypted service, the advantage of encryption is also gone.

@fuxoft @danhampl I když článek hlavně řeší přístup aplikací do mejlu, tak problém je, že google, tj. zaměstnanci googlu, můžou číst mejly a omezení je dáno jen vnitřními pravidly googlu. Což ale platí téměř o všech ostatních poskytovatelích pošty.

@psh @danhampl A nemůže tomu být jinak, pokud v GMailu má fungovat prohledávání pošty, automatické filtry a další věci, které se mi na něm líbí...

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