So now I'm curious because I'm "logging in" for my second time" how the timelines work...I'm just tooting out loud as part of my learning, please don't mind me I'm sorry if I'm using bad mastiquette

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I am very lost and confused but it's very exciting isn't it.


"Remember back in 2017 when Mastodon was still cool? Before the Robot Space Nazis turned up and spoiled everything?"

@danharmon Just thinking about it that way makes me believe you will fit in nicely in this community, honestly.

@danharmon The "Local timeline" is everyone on your instance (in your case, The "Federated timeline" is the local timeline plus every those people follow outside of that instance, kind of a friends-of-friends feed.

@danharmon how about you try what Tina Fey did when she took a young artist (DonGlover) out of college under her wing helping them to flourish into one of the greatest artists of all time and then they can leave an amazing show (community) which will allow the creator of that show to go on to write the greatest show of all time (rick & morty) which will allow that writer to take a young artist (me) under their wing that to flourish into an amazing artist.Micro/miniverse creations

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