Signal is an Excellent Alternative to WhatsApp (and Telegram) for Privacy Concerned People

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Anything is better than using WhatsApp, even smoke signals

@crossgolf_rebel @danie10 Smoke Signals...well,yes,I think they are better.But that US-based centralized messaging shit?No,absolutely not 👎

Though not without some glaring problems of its own.

As long as #Signal requires a cell phone number to register and stores the collected numbers on US servers, I wouldn't go as far and call it excellent 😕
Unfortunately the better alternatives like #XMPP and #Matrix / #Riot are still far away from reaching a critical mass of users 😢

@danie10 still dependig on phonebook upload, centralized Servers and owned by a US-based company. So I would higly recommend Delta-Chat or a similar decentralized solution.

@realramnit @danie10 , there is a difference between "evil" (like whatsapp) and good/better/worse. I was astonished at the strict rejection synonymous with Whatsapp

@danie10 Nope,Signal is absolutely not trustworthy,I wouldn't say that they're better than Whatsapp in any way.They're only better at marketing and dedicate their marketing to privacy concerned people who should,in fact,know better.Some important facts: And some more facts (German,use a translator):

@nipos @felix @danie10 Ehhhh, Signal is *far* from perfect, but saying they aren't better than WhatsApp "in any way", that seems quite questionable. My understanding was that WhatsApp keeps metadata (and in fact routinely hands it over to law enforcement). Plus other considerations like the problematic incentives and history of Facebook, which one could spend the rest of the day pondering . . .
@danie10 Signal is very easy to use even for non-tech folks. That's a big advantage. Jami has the better concept but it's just not working as it should. There are always issues if you use it.
Briar is promising but it's only for android atm. I do not like Telegram (Server closed source). Wire seems to be good but there was something about it, being sold to a US investor (at least part of it). Twinme is not opensource, Matrix and XMPP are too complicated for non-tech people.

Regarding wire, just as it was bought, they changed their privacy policy allowing more commercialization of private data. 🙄


@Rod Rezorti @Danie van der Merwe ✅ Matrix is more complicated than, say, WhatsApp, but a lot has changed in the last few months. I've used it for about 2 years now, and some of my non-tech friends are reasonably happy with it.
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